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Rank Motto's

Post by ImTheOfficialAndyBiersack on Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:29 pm

SS Rank Mottos:

[WH] DoSS [4iC] [NSC].
[WH] DDoSS [5iC] [NSC].
[WH] Oversight Director [6iC].
[WH] Head of Security [6iC].
[WH] Training Director [7iC].
[WH] Staff Director [7iC].
[WH] Dep. Head of Security [7iC].
[WH] Dep. Oversight Dir. [7iC].
[WH] SSAC Director [8iC].
[WH] Dep. Training Dir. [8iC].
[WH] Dep. Staff Dir. [8iC].
[WH] Training Overseer [8iC].
[WH] Head of Training [8iC].
[WH] Head of Prot. Deatil [8iC].
[WH] SS Trainer [9iC] / [WH] SS Trainer [9iC] [T].

Use either of the Trainer Motto's depending if you're still on a Trial Trainer Period, if you pass then use the one without the [T].

These are just incase you forget your own Motto.

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