SS Meeting 12/03/2016.

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SS Meeting 12/03/2016.

Post by ImTheOfficialAndyBiersack on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:10 am

SS Meeting 12/03/2016

'More training to be conducted, Due to lack of ranks filled within the Senate, and the Judicial Department.

3 People leaving has made things difficult within those areas.

Unofficial Rule : Recruitment Quota

A certain number of recruits each week, by ALL members of the SS Rank between (7iC-9iC)

Current Quota : 1 Active Member Per Week.

Most successful Recruiters will be rewarded however DoSS (Ethan/mogge273) See's fit.

This will be reviewed in each weekly meeting, to determine it's success, to suit all members of the SS.

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