SS Ranks in terms of iC.

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SS Ranks in terms of iC.

Post by ImTheOfficialAndyBiersack on Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:28 pm

SS Ranks in terms of iC.

SS Director 4iC - Mogge273 [Ethan].
SS Deputy Director 5iC - D3527 [Dairell].
Oversight Director 6iC - Iibby [Libby].
Deputy Oversight Director 7iC - Vacant.
Head of Security 6iC - Ferla98 [Fahna].
Deputy Head of Security 7iC - Vacant.
Staff Director 7iC - Vacant.
Training Director 7iC - Vacant.
SSAC Director 8iC - Vacant.
Deputy Training Director 8iC - Silverthefangirl [Josie]
Deputy Staff Director 8iC - Sealous [Sal].
Training Overseer 8iC - Minikiller [James].
Head of the Protection Detail 8iC - Vacant.
Head of Training 8iC - Vacant.
SS Trainer 9iC - [N/A].

SS Trainers:

SS Trainer 1 - brookeyxoxo441.
SS Trainer 2 - dirtykid.
SS Trainer 3 - sheepFUR.
SS Trainer 4 - ILoveBoysWithBrownEyes.
SS Trainer 5 - swagger9000.
SS Trainer 6 - iElfs.
SS Trainer 7 - Ariaaaaa.
SS Trainer 8 - JazzKP.

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